#CastOnCastar – Gaëlle Gillis wins Best Supporting Actress!

Through every gig posted on Castar, we hope to provide our community of creatives with opportunities that put them in the spotlight.

A casting call for a small budget production on Castar gave actress and longtime member, Gaëlle Gillis, that spotlight. Director Alexander Buckner connected with Gaëlle Gillis via Castar to play in his short film: “The Passenger” (an adaptation of a Stephan King short story, “Rest Stop”).

In 4 days they shot the film. Gaëlle played the role of “a person who’s gonna make shift everything”. She won Best Supporting Actress and the film won Best Thriller at the Los Angeles Film Awards in November.

Out of about 2000 gigs posted since our launch last year, there’s no greater for success for us when just one gig post can impact the career of our members. Again, at Castar our goal is to support, recognize, and connect our community of creatives to make something bigger than themselves.

If you “got the role” through Castar or have found the star of your next project don’t forget to let us know to be featured in our next blog post!

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