#CastarSpotlight: RANDAHL BRISCO

In celebration of our fifteenth #CastarSpotlight we’re shining a light that’s extra bright on Randahl Brisco!

IG: bighairdontcurr

Randahl is model, actor, dancer, and host who grew up in the mountains of Southern California. Extra bright, right? She recently finished up her dance scholarship at Athletic Garage where she is known for her Diana Ross performances, Philadelphia character, and choreography from their recent Motown Production.

Randahl shines her light in front of the camera as a lead role in a web series on Youtube, “The Undergrads”. (Check it out below!) She’s also been featured as a dancer in Peyton Shayler’s new music video releasing soon. On her free time, she loves doing yoga and her light lets her approach life in a lighthearted way.

Another month of fantastic Castar Spotlights! Thanks to Randahl for being a great number 15!

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