#CastarSpotlight: From the U.K to Hollywood…. LAYLA LOUISE

Meet Layla Louise, an actress originally from the UK. After moving to Los Angeles, she quickly started landing roles in a variety of comedy and dramatic feature films, one of which is “Cash Collectors” alongside actors such as Michael Madsen and Mike Starr, and her most recent role in “Filthy Animals” due to release in 2021. Making the big move has not only been a successful jump into her career but writing scripts is another passion for Miss Louise, with writing her feature scripts into the world of production, we’ve asked her a few questions for some insight into her process and advice!

1. For actors who want to write scripts, what advice would you give them?
I would say if you are worried about what people will think as in how they will perceive your story, if they like it or not, that means you care a great deal and when you have that much passion it really shows you have this burning desire to write it, tell your story, show us what’s lurking around in your wonderful imagination, do it. Every one of us has a story, an idea, through our own experiences or fiction, and what makes it so fascinating and interesting to the world is it’s yours. The world needs
more of your creativity.

Another is I’ve found when writing there might be some occasions where you are writing a scene and you aren’t too sure if the dialogue works or if the action is correct, there is just something that doesn’t sit right with you. Take a break, go for a walk, drink tea! or whatever you find relaxing and enjoyable. It will come, in the most random moments, or even in that moment you take a break it will come, the more you put pressure on yourself to think it can be overwhelming, don’t worry we all need breaks.

2. What do you enjoy writing about the most?
I really don’t have so much of a preference, it’s really what excites me and makes me say oh yeah, I want to write this! If I’m glued to my laptop none stop then it’s the story. Right now, I’m drawn to fantasy/action, I get to take it any direction and just dive into my imagination, even the craziest random things can make sense! I think whatever genre, you can really take your characters and plot as far as you want, you’ll know when it’s right.

3. What’s one tip you would give an actor auditioning?
Don’t panic, haha. – easier said than done I know I’ve been there. The one tip I always give myself is
I would read the script over and over and think how can I expand on this scene, still keeping to the
objective. Do something different to what the casting director has heard probably 100 times that
day, study the text and what’s really going on in that scene, find a way to make the casting director
go from hearing the same line over and over to oh I never thought of it that way, or oh that’s
different? There are always small clues hiding in the scene, don’t be afraid to use them.

4. Before you start filming, where do you get your inspiration for creating a character?
Normally I read the first few pages of the script and get an idea of her altogether, the way she talks, moves, etc again imagination is everything it’s your power tool in everything, you can really create someone so charismatic to the script, develop them, push the character as much as you can. I think over the years I’ve collected different characters in my head, so when I get a script it’s really exciting to think oh I can mix this character up with this, or I can create one using what I already have in my head or even a brand new character.

All the collective memories from childhood to now from meeting people, watching a lot of movies that I really love, and connect to, reading books. I watch a lot of documentaries on people who inspire me and learn a lot from them. Life experiences have given me scenarios I can take and mix it up. People are so interesting we live in a world where we are so connected, everyone has characteristics, interesting and fascinating personalities, it’s really fun to explore.

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