#CastarSpotlight: LaRisa Williams

It’s Fall ya’ll! Sounds like the perfect time for a new #CastarSpotlight, LaRisa Williams !

IG: @alreadyastarr

LaRisa aka ReRe is a Los Angeles native and uprising singer/songwriter. In 2006 ReRe attended The Hollywood Pop Academy with lessons from the ultimate vocal trainer, Billy Purnell, including slight lessons from Paulette Kasal at The Music Castle .By June 2008, she experienced the works with Joey Fatone and Mel B in a group competition on The Singing Office. She’s no stranger to the spotlight. 

As a young lady she has looked up to various bands such as Xscape, 3LW and Destiny’s Child. Her lyrics are reflective of her LA roots with a classy 90’s vibe that is admired by ‘stans’ of R&B. She hopes to start her own writers publishing company later this year. As quoted by ReRe, “Live to believe that you can achieve your dreams and do anything.”

A new season means new opportunity! Castar is actively finding ways to engage our users through posting gigs everyday, creating new ways to collaborate outside the app, and (of course) recognizing and promoting the talent of our members. We can’t wait to share what we have in store! 

Happy Fall!

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