#CastarSpotlight: JEWELL FARSHAD

We hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays! After such an amazing year, it’s only right we close it out with another AMAZING #CastarSpotlight. Take a few minutes and get acquainted with the one and only, JEWELL FARSHAD!

  • Jewell Farshad
  • Actress | Model
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Instagram: @jewellxnegin

Since the age of only 9 years old, Jewell has always had a passion for the arts. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, (where women can get arrested for modeling, acting, and even singing), it was then she first started acting. Eventually, she decided to further pursue her career by packing her bags and moving to Los Angeles. It’s obvious that her hard work and dedication is paying off as just this year, she was crowned Ms. California US America 2018!

There’s no question that Jewell is someone who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals so it’s truly an honor to have her as a member of the Castar community. Having already broken down so many barriers, we have no doubt this is only the beginning!

Stay tuned for more and find her NOW on Castar!

-Team Castar

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