#CastarSpotlight: JEREMY WEAVER

You’re gloomy day just got brighter! Take a look at this week’s #CastarSpotlight…Jeremy Weaver!

IG: j_duubbbb

Jeremy is an actor, model, and musician born and raised in Los Angeles. He started pursuing his dreams as an entertainer through church plays and in 2018 he started doing background work to get real experience behind the camera. Now Jeremy’s second home is on-set. He is featured in various music videos, commercials, and short films- including his own featured film, “California Love”,  that will by released by the end of 2020.

Jeremy’s passion for entertainment does not stop at acting. He is currently working on his first single “Im On my Grind”  and has immense talent in drumming (check out his Instagram!). His talent plus his warm and positive attitude keeps his spotlight shining.

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