WHAT A YEAR!! Here’s our 2019 Castar ‘Cap ?

Happy 2020 and welcome to a new decade! We hope your holidays were wonderful and that the new year has started on the right foot. 2019 was such a significant year for us, so we thought we would take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments from the year and share it with all of you. We wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the support of the Castar community.

So what did we achieve in 2019?

Castar users define Castar as a community instead of just an app. We value our members who have been with us since the beginning, the ones who attend every mixer and class, and the ones who continuously support us on our socials. To our new members, we hope to see you at more of our events this year and that you’re booking a lot of gigs with us!

When we receive more castings that gives our members more chances to book gigs. We are grateful that we find and receive a diverse set of castings for models, actors, and even crew to build their resumés and portfolios. We only hope that being #CastOnCastar that our members recognize their worth and reach for opportunities that brought them towards this industry to begin with.

Our monthly networking mixers, scene study acting classes, and headshot giveaways allow for us to put a name to a face and allow for you to connect more within the Castar community. We love holding these events for you and hope to bring more of these events into the new year. As always, check your inboxes and regularly check the Castar app to see more of the events we will host!

2019 brought you our first sit-down series, ‘The Castar Couch’. Our CEO, Thomas Q. Jones, sits with some of Hollywood’s brightest up and coming stars ranging from actors, directors, influencers, choreographers, stylists, and so much more. We appreciate the positive reception from season 1, and starting in 2020 we will be sitting and talking with more creatives in season 2. Make sure you’re all caught up by watching past episodes on our YouTube!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a year. We hope you can say the same for yourself. Again, we would like to thank all of our talent, casting directors, filmmakers, and viewers for supporting us in 2019. We’re stoked to see what can happen in 2020 and continue to grow with each and every one of you!

-Team Castar

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