Castar is…

Castar is selling all your personal belongings to be able to to afford a plane ticket to the City of Angels.

Castar is thinking you were going to live by the beach, but end up living in a crammed two-bedroom apartment in a not-so-nice area of the city.

Castar is living with your best friends in that crammed two-bedroom apartment.

Castar is the waitressing and Ubering side hustle in between gigs.

Castar is building your skills in acting classes.

Castar is sitting in traffic from your side hustle to the next studio.

Despite all this, why do you do it? Because…

Castar is landing your next gig and remembering that feeling every time it happens. You simply can’t see yourself doing anything else. 

At Castar we know where you’ve been to get where you are when nobody else hears you. You’re working in the most glamorously perceived cities and industries out there, so everyone else who isn’t part of it thinks you should be living your best life. The struggle is real, but the struggle is what leads to your next big opportunity.

As a community we think it would be beneficial for Castar members to share these stories so other members know they are not alone in this whirlwind of an industry. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and share your story of what Castar, or more broadly your career, means to you here.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be saving another Castar member out of their next life crisis.

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